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Богослужебныя заметки

Опыт разъяснения практической стороны богослужения Православной Церкви

Hardback    $21.00
9780884652717 | Published: January 2006

Grammar of the Church Slavonic Language

This is a comprehensive grammar of the Church Slavonic language, covering etymology, parts of speech, and syntax. This English edition was translated from the Russian and includes an explanation of grammatical points that would be taken for granted by a native Russian speaker.

This book is printed in small numbers and therefore, customers who are resellers will receive a lower (short) discount on this title.  

Paperback    $29.95
9780884650645 | Published: January 2001

A Manual of the Orthodox Church's Divine Services

This book begins with a discussion of the nature and origin of Divine services. It then reviews the building in which these are performed, the articles used and offers an outline of the varying services, concluding with an overview of the texts employed.

Paperback    $14.95
9780884650676 | Published: January 2001

Meditations on the Divine Liturgy

Nikolai Gogol was one of the most prominent Russian writers of the 19th century. He was also a deeply religious man, who dedicated one of his last works to the Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church. This book provides a commentary on the Divine Liturgy, which is at the same time both mystical and practical. Drawing from the early Church Fathers and his own experience, Gogol explains the sublime mystery of the Liturgy. 

Paperback    $11.95
9780884653431 | Published: February 2014

Electronic book text (Kindle)   $9.99
9780884653639 | Published: February 2014

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $5.99
9780884653622 | Published: February 2014

A Practical Handbook for Divine Services

This handbook will encourage the laity who desire to enter more fully into an understanding of the Church’s Typicon, the “rule” which governs how Divine worship is offered in the church, and to internalize the principles that underpin it.
It is an invaluable guide to all who seek “to celebrate a service in splendor.”  More Information  

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Paperback    $19.95
9780884651918 | Published: April 2011

Electronic book text (MobiPocket)   $13.95
9780884652335 | Published: January 2012

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $9.99
9780884652038 | Published: January 2012

Грамматика Церковно-Славянскаго Языка

An invaluable tool for anyone seeking to learn the traditional liturgical language of the Slavic Orthodox churches.

Paperback    $16.95
9780317303131 | Published: January 1984


Предметом Литургики является история православного христианского богослужения.
Православное богослужение есть совокупность молитвословий, песнопений и священнодействий, которые совершаются в Церкви Божией на земле иерархическими лицами, как законными наместниками Христа.

Paperback    $12.95
9780884650638 | Published: January 2000

Новая скрижаль

Пособие к изучению литургики подробно разсказывает о церкви вообще; o службах; o молитвах и последованиях, содержащихся в требнике.

Hardback    $16.00
9780884652007 | Published: January 1975

Практическое руководство при отправлении приходских треб

бывшая «Вспомогательная книга»

Paperback    $7.95
9780884652779 | Published: January 1960

Троицкий Православный Русский Календарь на 2013 г,

This is the Liturgical calendar and rubrics according to Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville New York. It contains detailed instructions for all Sundays and major feasts throughout the year in the Russian language.

Paperback    $21.95
9780884653066 | Published: November 2012

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