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Our mission as a publisher is to make known the heritage of Orthodox Russia for today. If you have a work that fits within this mission we would be happy to consider it for publication.

To submit a book proposal to Holy Trinity Publications for consideration, please send the following materials to Nicholas Chapman (

1. The title of the proposed work

2. A 25-word description of the work.

3. A 250-word summary that identifies the project’s subject, thesis, method, scope, limitations, intended   audience, and potential significance.

4. The Table of Contents (including estimated word count or the number of characters for each chapter)

5. A “road map” to the proposed work which summarizes the contents of each chapter in two to three sentences.

. A list of any already published material (and full publication information) that is to be included in the proposed work, identifying how this material fits into the work.

A sample of the work/manuscript: the introduction and two sample chapters.

A statement of the work already completed and a proposed submission date.  Please also include a statement of other work/s already under contract.

A review of any research into the subject of your work.

A list of 3-5 people who could provide a "back cover" endorsement for the work (the people whose opinions are respected in the area of the work).

11. A list of 5 magazines/newspapers/journals /blogs that MUST review the work.

12. A current CV, listing education, all Church, academic,professional and other positions, and any major academic or other publications (i.e. peer-reviewed books and articles).