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The Acts of the Apostles

By Averky (Taushev) Translated by Nicholas Kotar and Seraphim (Rose) Edited by Vitaly Permiakov

The Acts of the Apostles
Hardback, 146 pages
Published: 1st September 2017
ISBN: 9781942699156
Status: Available
Format: 10in x 7in

Series: Commentary on the Holy Scriptures of the New Testament

Writing in the tradition of biblical exegetes, such as St John Chrysostom, Blessed Theophylact of Bulgaria, and St Theophan the Recluse, the work of Archbishop Averky (Taushev) provides a commentary that is firmly grounded in the teaching of the Church, manifested in its liturgical hymnography and the works of the Holy Fathers. Using the best of prerevolutionary Russian sources, these writings also remained abreast of developments in Western biblical scholarship, engaging with it directly and honestly. In this second of three planned volumes, the author explains the significance of the Church's earliest history, as recorded in the Book of Acts. Questions of authorship and time of composition are also addressed. 

Archbishop Averky's commentaries on the New Testament have become standard textbooks in Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary and have been published in Russia to widespread acclaim. This present volume is the first translation of these texts into English. it is an indispensable addition to the library of every student of the New Testament.




1. The Meaning of the Term “Apostolos”

2. Overview of the Acts of the Apostles

—The Writer of the Book and the Reason for its Composition

—The Time and Place of the Composition of the  Acts

—The Content of the Book of Acts

—The Significance of the Book of Acts

Part I

3. The Church of Christ among the Jews

—Acts Chapter One

—Acts Chapter Two

—Acts Chapter Three

—Acts Chapter Four

—Acts Chapter Five

—Acts Chapter Six

—Acts Chapter Seven

—Acts Chapter Eight

—Acts Chapter Nine

—Acts Chapter Ten

—Acts Chapter Eleven

—Acts Chapter Twelve

Part II

4. The Church of Christ among the Gentiles

—Acts Chapter Fourteen

—Acts Chapters Fifteen

—Acts Chapter Sixteen

—Acts Chapter Seventeen

—Acts Chapter Eighteen

—Acts Chapter Nineteen

—Acts Chapter Twenty

—Acts Chapter Twenty-one

—Acts Chapter Twenty-two

—Acts Chapter Twenty-three

—Acts Chapter Twenty-four

—Acts Chapter Twenty-five

—Acts Chapter Twenty-six

—Acts Chapter Twenty-seven

—Acts Chapter Twenty-eight



Subject Index

Scripture Index

Publication Details:

Binding: Hardback, 146 pages
ISBN: 9781942699156
Format: 10in x 7in

BISAC Code:  REL006400, REL049000
Imprint: Holy Trinity Seminary Press

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